Storing SSH Key Passphrases on KDE Plasma

Unlike GNOME, KDE Plasma does not have a super automatic means of storing SSH key passphrases in the user's keyring. This post includes provides quick instructions on how to do so as well as as some extra explanatory details.

Deploy Nextcloud 11 on Ubuntu 16.04 Cloud Instance

My first production deployment of Nextcloud was a version 11 manual (non-Snap) install on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 instance. This post details my steps through this process including setting up a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

Sync-n-Share Nextcloud Sandbox with Desktop Clients

My continuation of the previous article on setting up a Nextcloud 11 sandbox. I detail how to install and set-up a client for syncing and sharing files across multiple devices.

Install Nextcloud 11 Sandbox on Ubuntu 16.04 VM

Before using Nextcloud in production I got it figured out on a local VM "sandbox". In this post I walkthrough an install of Nextcloud 11 on an Ubuntu 16.04 VM with Apache, MariaDB & PHP 7.0.