Blog Decision Making

I write about my decision to switch to yet another (3rd so far) static site generator - Hugo.

Migrate Static Site from GitHub Pages to S3 and CloudFlare

Hosting a static site on GitHub pages (in 2017 at least) with a generator other than Jekyll was awkward and HTTPS was not an option. An alternate is deploying to object storage with distribution via CDN. This post provides step-by-step instructions for migrating a GitHub page to S3 and CloudFlare.

Style my GitHub Page with Pelican-Themes

A Pelican theme is a must if building a GitHub page or other static site with Pelican. This post details how to leverage the large number of community built themes to easily style a Pelican site.

Create a GitHub Personal Page with Python

The second static site generator I used was the Python package Pelican, which is a good alternate to Jekyll for creating a GitHub Personal Page. My post summarizes a few of the benefits as well as how to use it in a basic way.