Storing SSH Key Passphrases on KDE Plasma

Unlike GNOME, KDE Plasma does not have a super automatic means of storing SSH key passphrases in the user’s keyring. This post includes provides quick instructions on how to do so as well as as some extra explanatory details.

Blog Decision Making

I write about my decision to switch to yet another (3rd so far) static site generator - Hugo.

GitHub from the CLI with Hub

The obvious go-to for GitHub is the user-friendly web interface. A command-line alternate exists however for those included called hub. This post provides instructions on how to use for making and merging a pull request.

Migrate Static Site from GitHub Pages to S3 and CloudFlare

Hosting a static site on GitHub pages (in 2017 at least) with a generator other than Jekyll was awkward and HTTPS was not an option. An alternate is deploying to object storage with distribution via CDN. This post provides step-by-step instructions for migrating a GitHub page to S3 and CloudFlare.

Update Nextcloud

In this post I details steps for a manual update from Nextcloud major versions 11 to 12, something that is much simpler starting with version 12 or using a Snap package.

Node Virtual Environments with nodenv

Using nodenv for Node.js virtual environments in Ubuntu I use nodenv for Node.js version and virtual environment management. In this post I briefly compare considered alternates and provide instructions on how to set nodenv up.

Deploy Nextcloud 11 on Ubuntu 16.04 Cloud Instance

My first production deployment of Nextcloud was a version 11 manual (non-Snap) install on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 instance. This post details my steps through this process including setting up a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Sync-n-Share Nextcloud Sandbox with Desktop Clients

My continuation of the previous article on setting up a Nextcloud 11 sandbox. I detail how to install and set-up a client for syncing and sharing files across multiple devices.

Install Nextcloud 11 Sandbox on Ubuntu 16.04 VM

Before using Nextcloud in production I got it figured out on a local VM “sandbox”. In this post I walkthrough an install of Nextcloud 11 on an Ubuntu 16.04 VM with Apache, MariaDB & PHP 7.0.

Create a Household Wiki using Vimwiki

I write about my usage of a fun Vim package for a household wiki which can be synced across multiple devices via a self or vendor hosted file sharing app such as Nextcloud or Dropbox.